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Signs of Postpartum Depression [Kenya]

Signs of Postpartum Depression [Kenya]

What are some of the signs and the symptoms that a mom can know that she's depressed?

We'll name a few. Of course there can be more because every mum is different and some of these things portray themselves differently. But some which are quite common .

  • Persistent sadness. You're just feeling empty and hopelessness. That may be a sign that you have depression.
  • Loss of interest, especially on the things that used to make you happy. There's some things you used to enjoy before the baby, but now you don't feel like doing them anymore.
  • Fatigue and lack of energy. You're just feeling tired all the time and you can't explain why.
  • Changes in appetite. You are not feeling hungry or you don't eat. That can also be a sign that you're not okay.
  • Sleep disturbances. This is where you don't get sleep, you have insomnia. Even when , the baby's sleeping at night, you personally cannot sleep.
  • There's also irritability and anxiety. This is where anyone who talks to you are just snapping on them and you can't explain why you're just feeling upset all the time.


  • Feelings of guilt and unworthiness. You're feeling guilty, like you don't love your baby.
  • Difficulty in concentrating that you can't do one thing at a time. Even most simplest of things.
  • There's also the loss of pleasure in motherhood. You're not enjoying motherhood at all.

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Content created in collaboration with MumsbyKare

Narrated by Naomi Wangare of MumsbyKare

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