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Ques of Postpartum Depression [Kenya]

Ques of Postpartum Depression [Kenya]

Some of the cues that a mom can check out for to know whether they're depressed
  • There's mood changes.
  • You sudden intensely feel your mood swings are changing. You are feeling sadness , anger and feeling overwhelmed
  • The other is lack of interest. There are some things you really enjoy doing, but you don't feel like you want to do them anymore.
  • There's also extreme fatigue where you're feeling you're always exhausted. Even if you've slept and well-rested, you're still exhausted.
  • There's also changes in appetite. You're not feeling like you want to eat anything. During those first days, you really want to eat because you're eating for two people because you have to breastfeed or feed the baby.
  • Sleep disruption. So you used to sleep well, but now all of a sudden you have insomnia. You can't sleep. That's also a sign that you should be a bit concerned or check whether you have depression.
  • Anxiety and worry .All the time you're feeling scared. You are wondering, can the baby fall? Or you're just feeling all these emotions of worry.
  • You frequently have negative thoughts.
  • Difficulty in concentrating. you can't focus on one thing at a time.
  • There's also negative thoughts about the baby. You're feeling you might drop the baby .
  • There's also crying spells where you just cry. You can't explain why you're crying and crying. So that's also a sign that you're not okay.
  • There's inability to bond. The bonding is something you and baby learn as you go by, but if you feel it's not there at all, you plus now combining with all other symptoms you've mentioned, you should also be worried of depression.
  • Loss of pleasure. You're feeling your interest in self-care. You don't want to do anything.
  • Feeling overwhelmed if you're so overwhelmed in the sense of. Feeling hopeless and despair, struggling with even the daily responsibility, even the basic things.
  • Brushing your teeth, all those small, small things you should check out for depression.


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Content created in collaboration with MumsbyKare

Narrated by Naomi Wangare of MumsbyKare

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