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The Playroom's Beginners Guide To Sensory Play At Home

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From the minute they are born a child’s senses are ignited and provide them valuable information about the world so intentionally creating opportunities for sensory input in play is not only fun but hugely beneficial for learning and development.

Sensory Play does not need to be time-consuming, expensive, or complicated. It can be as simple as providing regular time outdoors or using simple sensory bins.

The Playroom Beginner’s Guide to Sensory Play at Home explores the benefits, how to get started, top tips to get the most out of it and some simple sensory play recipes you can make at home with options for all ages - from playdough to 3-ingredient taste safe paint you can make in 5 min

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Meimuna A.

It was very helpful
My child and his friends loved and enjoyed the at home sensory play
Thank you!

Peninah K.
Play is underrated

This book showed me how important play is, especially in making connections. Nora loves when we play together, and with the nanny too. She is so engaged at times which means less tv time, which is a good thing.

We both learn

The Playroom's guide to sensory play is an eye opener for me as well. I learn new things as I prepare the stuff for my baby to learn. We both learn as we try out a new activity from the guide. What I covered there is what we basically have around our houses and the little that you didn't have is easily accessible in shops and a cost effective price. So far the few activities we have done with my baby she has enjoyed, can't wait to do the rest and cover everything in the guide book.

Tatiana W.

Every mother out there should get a copy.....