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Sex for Natutal Labour induction

Sex for Natutal Labour induction

Lets talk about sex . So there are three ways in which sex is thought to stimulate labor. The first is because semen contains prostaglandin that's a hormone just like oxytocin that is beneficial to ripening the cervix. And so semen has the highest level of prostaglandins that there is occurring biological within us.

It's thought that when you have sex and there's ejaculation , semen comes into contact with the woman cervix. It helps to soften the cervix. The second way in which sex is thought to help speed things along when it comes to labor is because of the release of oxytocin.

During the intimacy of sex skin to skin contact, Niles stimulation, oxytocin is released. We've said earlier, that helps to speed things along, in the contractions. Third the actual physical act of sex. And if the woman orgasms, then that's thought to cause uterine contractions to get stronger or to begin if they hadn't begun yet.

That's what people think of why sex causes labor to be induced naturally. What does the research say about whether it actually does? Unfortunately, most of the higher quality research comes from like randomized control trials. And it's very hard to make the factors of sex be all the same because there's so many factors involved in whether or not they use a condom. So if they use a condom, then that means that the semen doesn't make it to the cervix.

Whether or not there was an orgasm, whether or not. , the position that they, had sex in. It's very hard for researchers to standardize all of these different variable factors that could possibly affect how the effect of sex plays out on the induction of labor. And so for that reason, unfortunately, the evidence is not very strong in supporting sex as a way in which labor is induced.

But it falls in the category of no harm to try this at home. Word of caution. If your water has rupture, please don't have sex. If your membranes are still intact and your water hasn't rupture, then go at it and yeah.

Now that being said about the clinical research, that being said about the randomized control trials not being very effective because of not being able to control all the different factors. There have been observational studies, but the observational studies are not the highest form of research that we can have because, They are subject to a bunch of things like health biases.

So perhaps the people who are healthier are the people who are likely to have sex, and the people who are then likely to also get into labor easier. So that's less scientifically accurate.

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