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Nipple Stimulation for Natural Labour Induction

Nipple Stimulation for Natural Labour Induction

Nipple stimulation did show strong evidence that it could lead to induction of labor through inducing contractions. Researchers took different groups of women. There's a bunch of different researchers been done on this.

Some using women who were taught how to massage their nipples. Some who were taught were told to use a breast pump. In all the studies that were done, nipples simulation was shown to cause women to have a higher bishop score.

How does nipple stimulation work? When you stimulate your nipples, your brain releases oxytocin. Remember we talked about oxytocin earlier? The more your brain releases oxytocin, that starts or increases your uterine contractions .

Word of caution. Although it sounds like something that could be harmless, it is not harmless. If you do not know how to do it well, you can cause your uterus to be overly stimulated and this overstimulation of the uterus can have a negative impact on your baby.

In these studies, When the women were told to stimulate their nipples, their baby's heart rate are being monitored. If you're doing it at home, chances are you don't have the ability to monitor your own baby's heart rate. So please don't do this without the advice of your healthcare professional .

Secondly, you may cause yourself to have very painful contractions. So, This is one of the ones that checks out the it. It is evidence backed, but don't do it at home.

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