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Raspberry Leaf Tea for Labour Induction

Raspberry Leaf Tea for Labour Induction

Lets talk about raspberry leaf tea. A review of the research concluded that there's not enough scientific evidence to show that raspberry leaf tea does assist to induce labor naturally. And in fact, with this specific one, there were some negative side effects.

The, risks outweighed the potential benefits. So this is a, do not try, this basically is what they're saying. I'd say speak to a healthcare professional because I'm telling you what the data says. And perhaps based on your situation and your circumstances, they may have different advice. But don't try this without speaking to your healthcare professional.

Of course, raspberry leaf tea is just, raspberry loose leaf is consumed both in a herbal tea formula and in a pill. And I know that in the herbal tea formula, it's perfectly fine to consume if you are not pregnant. However, if you're on your last days of pregnancy, please speak to your healthcare professionals.

Some of the research that was done based on rats showed that there could be long-term effects where the, offspring of the rats who were in the study ended up maturing faster than the offspring of the rats who are not. So they got to puberty or adolescent, earlier.

There can be some long-term negative results of raspberry leaf tea, and so for that reason I would advise not to bother with it.

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