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Research about Birthing Balls updated [2023]

Research about Birthing Balls updated [2023]

 Research about Birthing Balls

There's a bunch of research out there about the effects of birthing balls on reducing pain during labor.

One of those studies took a group of women and split them into two groups and randomly assigned half of the women in the group to use a birthing ball for 20 minutes a day during pregnancy.

So they were given different exercises to perform, and they were also given a birthing ball to labor with when they were actively in labor.

The other half of the, the group, the control group were, were not given a birthing ball at all, either during pregnancy or during labor. They then measured their pain.

On a scale of zero to 10 with zero being the least pain and 10 being the most pain. And there is also the study was that the group that was given the birthing ball through pregnancy and during labor recorded significantly lower pain levels for the women in the, birthing ball group at four centimeters of labor.

That's early on in labor at four centimeters of dilation, they recorded an average pain score of four out of 10. While the control group, the ones who didn't have a birthing ball, recorded an average paint score of six out of 10 and further on along in labor when there were eight centimeters dilated.

The birthing ball group recorded an average paint score of 6.2 out of 10 compared to an 8.2 out of 10 in the control group.

So the researchers concluded that the use of a birthing ball during pregnancy and during labor can decrease the amount of pain that you feel.

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