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Help for Post Partum Depression [Kenya]

Help for Post Partum Depression [Kenya]

Post Partum Depression:


Any non-psychotic depressive illness occurring during the first postnatal year. (SOURCE:Guidelines-for-postnatal-care-to-mothers-and-newborns-2016)


Symptoms of Post Partum Depression include:

  • Inability to sleep
  • Feeling sad most of the time
  • Difficulty bonding with the baby
  • Irritability

People with depression may not recognize or admit that they are depressed.


PPD also increases the risk of undernutrition in children.


Paternal Depression also affects Men:Men — especially new fathers — experience postpartum depression.

Getting Help:

Getting help is key in being able to overcome this. Only 15% of women affected get help.

One on One Counseling:


Rosa Sanau +254 728 047318
Susan Kiragu +254 721 247875
Joan Kirera +254 721 859922



Group Therapy:

Interacting with fellow parents can help put things in perspective and east the burded. Join the groups ).


Other Support:

Name of organization Contact person & Role Phone Number Location
Amani Counselling Center

Lorna Tumbo

Mercy Gacheri


0721 662121

0722 621456

0722 462076

Mbagathi way, Nairobi.
Chiromo Mental Health Hospital Toll free line

0800 220 000

0750 927 232

0729 359 501

37 Muthangari Road, Lavington.


Muthithi road, Westlands

Nairobi Chapel Grief Share Groups Nelson Aseri 0710469311 Greenhouse, Adams off Ngong Road, Nairobi.

Kendi Ashitiva

Catherine Muriithi

+254 718 227 440 KMA Centre Upper hill Block F Apartment 1.1, Nairobi.
Befrienders Kenya (Suicide prevention and depression management) 0722 17 81 77 La Colline Gardens, Masaba road off Bunyala road, Upper hill.
Calmind Foundation 0790-040-456 Woodvale Groove 6th Floor



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