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Evening Primerose Oil for Labour Induction

Evening Primerose Oil for Labour Induction

We have evening prime rose oil. There were a couple of studies done on this one. In some of the studies it was taken orally in some of the studies it was inserted vaginally. For the studies where it was inserted vaginally, there was a positive correlation between the people who had been given evening primaries, oil, and the length of the first stage of labor as well as how high the bishop score was compared to the ones who did not have any evening primerose oil inserted. But however, for the ones who it was taken orally, there was no difference. Perhaps this is one of those things, again, with the pineapples where the results in one way are different from in another way.

With evening primrose oil, all the randomized trials are fairly small, so there's still not enough evidence on this. It leans more towards the side of there is something there, but it's not enough to say, go out and buy it. And there might be other adverse effects related to it because there's just not enough studies that have been done yet.

So, don't try it without your advice of your medical professional.

If you are in a space where you're just feeling so tired and you just want baby to come out and be with you, then I'm sending you all the patience and all the best wishes as you go through this journey.

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