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Pregnant? What Next?| Lamaze Classes

Pregnant? What Next?| Lamaze Classes

Plan to attend a Lamaze childbirth class plan to have that knowledge. I always say, let us labor like pro's .

Laboring like a pro. Doesn't mean that you do not feel anything, but you do know what is going on with your body and what to do about it.

During this planning phase, , we found out you're pregnant and you're looking at I need a doula.

I need a childbirth educator. scout, the internet.

There's Mommyhood Transitions. If you would want to be well informed and well equipped for your birthing process. Scout for, a doula scout for childbirth class. Attend one. Just make sure that make time for it.

Take as many notes as possible. Ask as many questions as possible because we all know how we go to , the search engines and we are searching for things and we are told it's not pregnancy anymore. It's cancer.

You know, we are all scared. Once we go into the search engines, cause there's all sorts of information on there.

Get a professional who's able to teach you. About , the labor process, what to expect when you go to hospital. The procedures to expect how to prepare for it.

How your partner can support you

Most partners don't know most of let me say, most of our men will run away and say, , that's your mom who's supposed to support you in that?

That's your sister who's supposed to support you in that. But in real sense, They should also be part of the journey, but they don't know how, because we are not involving them as much. There's those ones who are very interested.

So getting a childbirth class to attend would be really, really good for you.

Part of the childbirth class is creating a birth plan. How would you want your birth to look like? Where would you want it to be?

Check out Mommyhood Transitions for Doula and Lamaze Classes


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