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Free Nairobi Delivery for orders over KES 1,000+
Pregnant, What Next? Choosing a Hospital

Pregnant, What Next? Choosing a Hospital

You're also thinking about the finances.

You know, when you're choosing your hospital, you're thinking, am I, do I have an insurance?

And how much does my insurance cover for, for birthing, you know do I, what do I want when it comes to the birthing place?

How do I want it to look? How do I want it to feel?

In this place where you're going to bath, are you going to afford it? Are you going to be able on that day when now we are in labor, you are going to just go in, find out all the, the nitty gritty about this area so that when that time comes, you are not shocked. And if at all, it's not insurance.

If it's cash, go and find out the packages. If there's facilities that have packages for both antenatal care. Then the delivery, then maybe a visit, one visit that is a postpartum visit or maybe just a checkup with your gynecologist afterwards.


Find out what packages they offer and if they align with your interests during this journey.


Some hospitals do not allow you to have your spouse in case you do decide to have an elective CS or something happens. And unfortunately you go for an emergency CS. So if you're going that way, is your spouse going to be allowed in? Do you want your spouse to be in?


These are things that yes, you are five weeks pregnant, you know, and you are feeling it's too early.

It's never too early to plan.

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