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Free Nairobi Delivery for orders over KES 1,000+
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A Complete Guide to No Mozzies 100% Natural Mosquito Repellant

What are No MoZZies ?

 No MoZZies Box

No MoZZies mosquito repellent patches are made from 100% natural ingredients including citronella and eucalyptus oils, making them safe to use on your family. Offering up to 9 hours of protection, the patches can be applied to clothing, cots, strollers, and anything else you need to keep free from mosquitoes. Effective both indoors and outdoors, No MoZZies patches will keep your family safe and mosquito free.

Patches are as an innovation in the mosquito repellent category as they require “no skin application” which gives you the advantages of mosquito repellent without the fear of your little one’s skin reacting to creams or gels.

No MoZZies Patches are the first of their kind in Kenya, and are safe for the entire family including babies and toddlers as they are non toxic without any pesticides and deet free with no side effects like eyes irritation or skin damage.


What are the benefits of No MoZZies

Benefits of No MoZZies 

Ingredients of No Mozzies?

No MoZZies Ingredients

All our ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic!

  • Citronella Oil;Known for its mosquito repelling properties, the Anopheles malaria mosquito.
  • Eucalyptus Oil;Has a pleasant smell and helps in keeping mosquitoes at bay.
  • Menthol Oil;Has a great fragrance and repels mosquitoes


How to Use No MoZZies


How to Use No MoZZies #1


How to Use No MoZZies #2

 How to Use No MoZZies # 3


 No MoZZies F.A.Q


No MoZZies Patches offer 9 hours of protection.

No MoZZies Patches are 100% natural, made of plant-based ingredients like citronella & eucalyptus oils. These are safe for babies and offer protection 9 hours against awful mosquito bites. No MoZZies Patches are the only mosquito repellent patches in Kenya at present. 

To protect your family when outdoors, you should do at least two things. One, you should always have them apply a personal mosquito repellent such the 100% natural No MoZZies Patches. Second, you should try and ensure they wear full-sleeved clothing.

Yes, 2 years from date of manufacturing.
We recommend that you use at least one No MoZZies patch on your child’s clothes, and for taller children use one patch on the upper body and one on the lower body for overall protection against mosquitoes.

No MoZZies Patches are made of superior quality fabric and 3M adhesive that ensures no stains on clothes.

No MoZZies Patches are used for sticking on clothes, prams, cradle, cots. We suggest not to use it on skin directly as peeling off the patch may hurt your skin.

No MoZZies Patches are 100% natural and made of citronella and eucalyptus oils. You could use them during pregnancy if you are not allergic to plant based oils. We actually recommend it as pregnant women release excessive CO2 which makes them more attractive to mosquitoes.

No MoZZies Patches has 100% natural citronella and eucalyptus oils. If your child has licked one of the patches you can just rinse or gargle his / her mouth with water. However, if the child has swallowed the entire patch, please seek medical attention immediately.

No MoZZies Patches are 100% natural and made of citronella and eucalyptus oils. While these have been designed for human beings, you could use them on the pet’s collar.

No MoZZies patches are safe for babies from birth. These can be used on the baby’s clothes, prams, cots, strollers, cradles and many other places.
Where Can I Buy  No MoZZies Patches?
You can buy  No MoZZies Patches on
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