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How Postpartum Depression affects Baby [Kenya]

How Postpartum Depression affects Baby [Kenya]

 The first thing is attachment and interaction.

Babies of mothers with the postpartum depression experience challenges in forming a secure attachment because the mom is distant , the baby will feel they're not connected.

The second thing is development milestone. Kids who the mothers have postpartum depression may also experience a delay in the development of milestones.

Because there's no stimulation interaction, the baby might not develop the way they're supposed to .

There's also the emotional wellbeing.

I keep saying kids communicate through energy and this explains why the mom can be holding the baby and the baby is crying nonstop. But when the dad comes and holds the baby, the baby sleeps immediately.

The sleeping patterns . The babies whose moms have postpartum depression may experience changes in sleeping patterns. They're not sleeping well .

The other thing is feeding, whether it's through breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Once the mom is not okay to be doing the scheduling .

You might find that the patterns of the feeding the baby are very off.

The stress levels. A baby whose mom is depressed or would also feel the stress of the mom.  ​


Content created in collaboration with MumsbyKare

Narrated by Naomi Wangare of MumsbyKare

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