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Baby Gifting Ideas for Parents to Be in Kenya

3 min read

Baby Gifting Ideas for Parents to Be in Kenya [2019]-Mother and Baby Shop

Gifting parents to be can be challenging. Especially if you have not had a baby before, or have not dealt with babies for a while. This article will give you ideas about how to gift parents for Baby Showers, birthdays, or visiting.

A typical pregnancy lasts up to 40 weeks from the last day of the menstrual period. It’s divided into three stages called trimesters: 1st trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester. 

Different changes occur during pregnancy ranging from bodily changes to hormonal changes. All these dynamics make it hard for one to know what to gift a mom to be. Here are some gifting ideas that might be helpful:

What Do The Babies Need At The Different Ages

0-6 Months
  • Sleep aids to help lull the baby to sleep could be a great gift for babies at this stage and moms would really appreciate it. You can check some of them >>here.<<
  • Diapers - welcoming a newborn poses a financial constraint to almost every parent and it would be very thoughtful for one to gift a momdiapers or nappies for their baby.
  • Bottles - Most moms resume to work when their babies are around four months old therefore they’ll needbottles to feed their babies.
  • Pumps and Breast Milk Storage Bags and Cups - breast pumps come in handy to relieve engorged breasts and help save moms who are on the go or are away from the baby for some time. Thepumps ensure that the baby still gets breast milk even when the mom is away. They are then stored in breast milk storage bags or cups.
  • Supplements - Some moms have difficulty in producing adequate milk for their young ones, therefore, the need to get them supplements such asLactation Cookies andPregnacare Breastfeeding to boost milk production.

6-12 Months
  • TeethersTeethers are a perfect gift for babies between six and twelve months as their teeth start to develop at this point and it’s normally painful.
  • Utensils - From 6 months it’s okay to start introducing different kinds of food to your little one and you’ll need the rightutensils for those such as bowls, plates, snack cups, spoons, forks etc suitable for weaning.
  • Pacifiers - They are designed for natural oral development as they respect the development of baby’s teeth and gums. There are different kinds ofpacifiers available such as a pop pacifier, a medicine dispenser as well as the common soothing pacifiers.
  • Meal Prep Items - Since children are normally introduced to weaning at this stage, moms need items to help in preparing the child’s puree such as ablender. 

12-18 Months
  • Toys - At this stage, your child has learnt how to walk, climb sofas, stand on their own and most likely they’ll want to play all the time. You can get them teddy bears, balls, large jigsaw puzzles, blocks, etc.
  • Toddler Snack Cups and Plates - Your child has at least mastered the art of eating independently. Therefore, asnack cup, sippy cups, or weaning spoons, forks and bowls for toddlers would be ideal gifts.
  • Clothes - A cute sweater, dungaree, dress or a pair of shoes will always be appreciated by parents.

18-24 Months
  • Musical Toys - Kids love music generally and by giving them a toy instrument they get the chance to create their own music in a fun interactive manner. Toys like balls, cars, train sets etc are great ideas for babies in this age group.
  • Puzzles - Made of wood that are easy for them to rearrange and put back in the right place. 
  • Other gifts for a child in this stage have already been discussed in the previous stages. 



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