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From New Borns To Adults: Here’s A Step Guide Of Treating Cold Naturally At Home

From New Borns To Adults: Here’s A Step Guide Of Treating Cold Naturally At Home

The season of the year deemed as one of the coldest is here with us again, and with it comes the chilly and icy aspect, accompanied by higher frequencies of colds. 

For as common as colds are, we must think about their actual progression. You see, understanding the early warning signs of a common cold can help you take preventive steps towards achieving self-care tips and relief sooner, while in the process help your body rid itself of the virus.

According to experts the symptoms of cold generally peak in one to three days, which normally include; runny nose, cough, sneezing, sore throat, body ache, and more commonly fever which is commonly seen in children.

So, are you concerned you might be at risk of catching a cold or you currently have one? We've got you covered. We’ve compiled for you the different stages of cold in relation to adults and children and the related remedies to consider that can help get you through the recovery process.


The truth is that normally expectant women have it rough. This is because everything that happens to you can affect not just your body but that of your unborn child. This realization can make dealing with illness more complicated.

Though medications can relieve your symptoms, specialists recommend that you be careful with drugs used as they can cause problems for the baby. Luckily several flu treatments can be taken while pregnant, so treating a cold during pregnancy doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.


Apart from using standard recommended drugs, here are a few home remedy tips for dealing with flu during pregnancy.

  1. When you fall ill while pregnant, it is recommended that you first get plenty of rest.
  2. Trust also chicken soup to help relieve inflammation and soothe congestion. You can also use karvol inhalation caps for effective relief for blocked noses.
  3. Remember to drink lots of water.
  4. In case you have a sore throat or cough, gargle warm salt water. If it persists you can consider dropping honey or lemon into a warm cup of tea to help in relieving sore throat.

New-born babies

One of the most heart-breaking milestones your baby will encounter in the first year of his life is beating his very first cold. Your little one might be bewildered, snort themselves awake during nap, or even pant during feedings.

In case they end up being hit by flu, you should remember to visit a doctor at the same time you might consider testing out natural baby cold home remedies.

Just like adults, babies sometimes don't feel like eating when they're sick, but you should still encourage your infant to nurse.

Another natural remedy that can help is to take your baby into the bathroom and turn on the shower to make the air hot and steamy. This will help get your little one’s nose running, loosen the mucus in his throat, and makes his coughs more productive. If it proves to be ineffective you can use a Nosefrida as it naturally draws mucus out of the baby’s nose. 


Cold in children and toddlers normally lasts between seven to10 days, but it may continue up to two weeks. And a cough, one of the last cold symptoms to appear, can hang on even longer, sometimes up to a month.

While there’s no cure for the common cold, you can offer your kid comfort with ointment around his nose to prevent chapping, a cold-mist humidifier to ease congestion, and give him plenty of fluids, including water.

A warm liquid like warm water with lemon added to it (honey if your child is over a year old) offers hydration and soothes a sore throat, plus it may ease swelling in the upper respiratory tract. 

Since one-year-olds don’t know how to blow their noses, you can put saline nasal drops like this one in your child’s nose to loosen clogged mucus and use nose Frida to gently extract excess mucus.

For a two-year-old and above since he is grown teach him how to blow his nose. Here saline drops come in handy alongside extra tissues. You also want to ensure that he remains comfortable by offering him extra pillows to keep his head raised.


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