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3 Creative Ways To Celebrate Dads on Father’s Day

3 Creative Ways To Celebrate Dads on Father’s Day

So father’s day is here with us again, a special day set aside once a year to celebrate the men in our lives. Besides the usual gifting we are accustomed to, this year we can go the extra mile and surprise dad with something different from what he is normally accustomed to.

Well, you should make effort this father’s day by incorporating something that he loves. Bring in fun and interactive ideas to wow him and make him feel extra special. He will not only love it, but he will equally cherish the gift of time spent with family while making memories.

Here are some of the activities that you can borrow from to allow you to spend real quality time with your old man:

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1. Outdoor games

Men are generally competitive in nature and love to play a lot. Instead of staying indoors for father’s day, why don’t you take advantage of your backyard to play and engage in some cool outdoor games.

It is not only a good way of spending some quality time together, but it will also bring out his competitive side and increase your bond as a family.

Go out for bike rides together, you can also go for a hiking experience; say Ngong hills, or take long nature walks and explore together as you bond.

Better yet, for a fun-filled day, you can consider planning a project together, thus, the two of you can resolve to fix things around the house.

2. Treat Out

Don’t just surprise him with breakfast in bed moment. You can also allow dad to come up with creative breakfast items or food meal ideas for the day, and help in cooking.

But you ought to remember, for that extra special touch a special dinner will go a long way.

3. Movies

Treat him out to a screening of father’s day best movies. Create a warm scene with an extra touch of pillows for comfort and also set up blankets, while you crown the movie night with bowls of popcorn.






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