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Free Nairobi Delivery for orders over KES 1,000+

Sterol Sterilizing Liquid - 500 ml

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Get germ free. Use this for sterilizing baby bottles, breastfeeding accessories, soothers, pacifiers, and more.

βœ… Dilute with water

βœ… Best to use for babies under 12 months

βœ… Helps protect against infections

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Doesn't your heart clench at the thought of your baby, getting ill from a dirty bottle?

We parents, strive to protect them as much as we humanly can. Washing their feeding items is great, but the fear of lingering germs persists.

Sterol Sterilizing Fluid takes away that anxiety. Using Sterol solution requires no boiling of water or expensive gadgets. Making it a go-to for sterilizing babys' bottles and pump parts. After 20 minutes of sterilizing , you can rest assured that no residue will remain, in the parts that the bottle brush does not reach.

You will not need expensive sterilziing equipment in or bags to move around with. You will no longer need to have boiling water to try and submerge your bottles in.

Ready for peace of mind? Try Sterol Sterilizing Fluid today, and stop wondering if your bottles are clean enough.

Sterol Benefits:

  • Sterol Sterilizing Fluid: Kills germs effectively without boiling water or expensive gadgets.

  • Easy to Use: Simplifies sterilization, perfect for busy parents like you.

  • Cost-Effective: An affordable solution for long-term health.

  • Other House Uses; Use it to clean fruits, clean the floor and purify drinking water.

  • Leaves no taste; Does not leave a taste on the bottle, and has a saniteized aura.


Sterol Sterilizing liquid is suitable for sterilizing your;

  • Baby breastfeeding equipment and
  • Baby feeding accessories:
  • breast pump parts,
  • Baby bottles,
  • Soothers,
  • Teething rings,
  • Small plastic toys,
  • Plastic cutlery,
  • Weaning bowls

Instructions for Sterilizing Baby Bottles & Nipples;

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before starting
  2. Clean water bottles and nipples with detergent and water.
  3. Rinse bottle and/or nipples
  4. Make a solution of sterol using 1 bottle cap of sterol for every 1 liter of water.
  5. Completely submerge the utensils in the solution. Allow to soak for an hour.
  6. Before the next feed, remove utensils from the solution.
  7. Drain completely before use for feeding. (There is no need to rinse before using.)

Instructions for Sterilizing Baby Nappies;

  1. Wash nappies with detergent and water.
  2. Rinse
  3. Make a solution of sterol using 4 bottle caps of sterol for every 1 bucket of water.
  4. Wring and hang dry

Instructions for using as Bleach;

  1. Make a solution of sterol using 5 bottle caps of sterol for every 1 liter of cold or warm water.
  2. As a bleach, Sterol should be used with care.
  3. Bleach can have adverse effects on wool, silk, satin, nylon, and leather.
  4. Use with white and fast colors only.

Instructions for Water purification

  1. Make a solution of sterol using 5 drops of sterol for every 1 liter of water.
  2. Leave for about 20 minutes

*For spring or well water add 8-10 drops per liter.

Instructions for disinfecting Vegetable and Fruit ;

  1. Make a solution of sterol using 3 bottle caps of sterol for every 1 liter of water.
  2. Use your hands or a vegetable cleaning brush to scrub produce
  3. Rinse the solution off under cold running water.
  4. Let produce air dry and enjoy.

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Sterol Sterilizing Liquid - 500 ml

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