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Free Nairobi Delivery for orders over KES 1,000+

Medela PureLan 100 Nipple Cream 7g

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Purelan‚ĄĘ lanolin cream gives you fast relief for sore and cracked nipples, dry skin and chaffing.

‚úÖ Quick relief for dry skin and sore nipples

‚úÖ No need to remove before breastfeeding ; baby-safe

‚úÖ Suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic

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Your dry skin and sore nipples will be quickly relieved by PurelanTM lanolin cream.

You don't need to take it off before nursing your baby because it is entirely natural and secure for him or her.

  • Quick¬†relief¬†for¬†dry¬†skin¬†and¬†sore¬†nipples
  • No¬†need¬†to¬†remove¬†before¬†breastfeeding¬†because¬†it's¬†safe¬†for¬†your¬†baby.
  • An¬†effective,¬†rich¬†texture¬†coats¬†the¬†skin's¬†surface¬†with¬†protection¬†and¬†rehydrates¬†it¬†from¬†the¬†inside¬†out¬†using¬†only¬†natural,¬†single-ingredient¬†lanolin.¬†no¬†preservatives,¬†fragrance,¬†or¬†additives.
  • The¬†European¬†Pharmacopoeia¬†and¬†US¬†Pharmacopoeia¬†standards,¬†which¬†test¬†products¬†to¬†the¬†highest¬†safety¬†standards,¬†are¬†applied¬†to¬†ultra-pure¬†medical-grade¬†lanolin.
  • Suitable¬†for¬†sensitive¬†skin,¬†hypoallergenic,¬†and¬†dermatologist-tested¬†ethically¬†sourced¬†from¬†farms¬†that¬†don't¬†use¬†mulesing

How it works

Purelan‚ĄĘ creates a protective layer on skin‚Äôs surface and is absorbed deeply by the skin where it rehydrates from within ‚Äď restoring the skin‚Äôs natural moisture balance.

Use Purelan‚ĄĘ at every feed to relieve soreness and protect your nipples. There is no need to remove Purelan‚ĄĘ before feeding.

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