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Free Nairobi Delivery for orders over KES 1,000+
Real-Life Experiences: Kenyan Moms getting the perfect Pumping Bra

Real-Life Experiences: Kenyan Moms getting the perfect Pumping Bra

Since starting the journey it's taken us more than one year where we had to source for a few samples. We had to involve the moms. They tested it for us. We got the right one with the right material. And now we can proudly say, we have a very nice pumping bra.

It's very discreet and you can even use it in the office comfortably. It enables a mom to pump. Since the launching of the pumping bra., we've sold to. Quite a number of mums, many mums for sure. And the feedback has been amazing. it comes with straps you can adjust the way you want.

It's also itself is adjustable. One fit can fit a number of mums . Like the medium can fit a mom who's all the way from 32 all the way to 40 something. 42 , 44. There's also a large one and we go all the way to even having an extra large pumping bra., which fits a mom who's even 50 cup size D .

One size can fit many people so , the days where it's too full, Or the days which you don't have too much milk, you can adjust it accordingly.

It's quite discreet. You can't see the pump as your pump.

Once you put the flange inside, none of your body part is exposed to the world. You can use it in the office comfortably and without fear of showing your, skin .

There's this mom who has a family in Nairobi, but she works in Nyeri. In the morning when she tells us she rocks into one of amazing deras and puts the pump.

As she's going to work, she pumps and pump as she drives back to the house. I found that quite eye opening and you can see how hands free it is if you can be able to drive as you're pumping milk. It's quite, hands-free.

A new mom who's never breasted before. There's a time where you also need, , your time, need to go for a walk, and for you to leave the house, you have to leave some milk behind because the only way you can get that break you need is in case the baby has food at home.

Unfortunately, the food is you. The hands free pump comes in handy where , even if you are out there doing your thing, you can pump. at home as you're preparing and doing other things, you can pump , when your hands are free and you leave some milk to the baby.

I think it's very important, even for a new mom because for you to get those breaks, trust me, you need , to pump some milk for the baby.

If you don't have the hands free pumping bra., you have to hold the pump during the time where you are pumping.

Even if you have an electric pump which is the, the ones you really use with our bra, you would still have to hold. Typically a mom might pump three or four times in a day. And you might need an hour. Every hour you are pumping, you are seated down, holding the pump with your hands.

If you're doing four pumps a day each one hour, we've saved you four hours of you doing something else with your hands.

If you need to do that email, if you need to do that taking, uji you need to shower the baby? You can do that as your pumping. That's not possible without the hands-free pumping bra.

Number one, I think it's comfort. I love being comfortable . How about doing motherhood as you're being comfortable? The material was one of the key things, and some of the bra's didn't succeed through us is because of the material. Some had latex, so it was folding, when you're sweating, it's uncomfortable.

The material we got for this pumping bra is very ideal. It's, quite comfortable.

The second thing is discreetness. Some of the, pumping bra I had seen before the nipple was actually outside. So when you're pumping, it's not discrete at all. So ours is designed in a 4 layer system.

Being a 4 layer where, It layers itself. It looks like a cross, so it holds firmly. . But the key thing is discreetness. You can pump even in front of people and you won't feel some type of way. Comfort and discreetness was the key things that I went for.

When it comes to bras, I sell nursing bras as well. The sizing is an issue. You find I send five sizes for her to determine one. As much as we have done a bra calculator on our website, people still seem not to get the right fitting when it comes to our nursing bra.

But for the pumping bra., because it's adjustable it, we've never had that issue. I only send one piece and I know it's never come back.

Article by Naomi Wangare | Founder of MumsbyKare

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