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Importance of seeking help for Postpartum Depression [Kenya]

Importance of seeking help for Postpartum Depression [Kenya]

 These are some of the importances of getting help in case you have postpartum depression. There's the health and wellbeing really affects the mom and the baby. If you're treated for it, you'll have a better health and wellbeing with, with your baby.

The bonding and attachment. When you are happy and you're in a good state of mind, you'll be able to bond with your baby. You'll be able to have a schedule on how to, to feed . It's really, really important to get help so that the bonding and attachment can be there for both baby and mother.

There's also positive parenting. If you get guidance on how to do parenting, you'll have a better impact on your baby and how you raise them.

The family dynamic. When we have postpartum depression, the relationships are very, very strained.

You are misunderstood. There is a lot of strain on your friends and family. When you get help, the family dynamics will be better.

There's also preventing escalation, the more you wait without getting help, the worse it becomes. I would urge any mom, as soon as you feel you're depressed, please get the help you need .

Improved quality of life. If you're happy and in a good state of mind, even your family will be in a better quality of life.

Role modeling. I've noticed if the other kids see you are getting help, they'll also learn , to know how to ask for help.

Coping mechanisms. Once you get help, you'll be shown , what you'll be doing so that you don't go back or how do you cope, because you'll have to still do motherhood and some days will be stressful.

Just having some coping mechanism to know what to do, that will be very beneficial.

Having a supportive environment. If you get help, you can get a support group or a therapist.

Reduce stigma. I think there's a lot of stigma around mental health, but if we speak about it, if you are strong and brave enough to talk about it, it'll go a long way.

And the last thing is a positive outcome. The positive outcome that comes from getting help. you'll be happier and you'll be a better mother .

It'll also enhance self-care, you'll be able to at least go for a walk and do things that you love doing since you've gotten the the necessary help.


Content created in collaboration with MumsbyKare

Narrated by Naomi Wangare of MumsbyKare

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