Mushroom Night Light

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Mushroom Night Light

Mushroom Night Light allows changing your baby in the dark without waking them up with bright light.

  • PRODUCT DESIGN:Mushroom & Tumbler Styled, create a dreamlike atmosphere for your room suitable for bedroom, home display, gift and other romantic places.
  • PRODUCT INSTRUCTION:Touch Sensor Dimmable LED Night Lights, 3 Lighting Mode: One touch, dim light; Touch again, strong light; The third touch, 7 colorful light; The fourth touch, light is off.
  • PRODUCT FUNCTION:The mild and colorful light will increase the baby’s curiosity to the world,the soft touching design and gentle light help the mother to take care of her baby.
  • SAFETY INSTRUCTION: Soft ABS Silicone material and built-in light induction.Unique Tumbler LED Desk Lamp design and top quality, service life >50000h.
  • PRODUCT PACKAGING:A mushroom light, a USB data line,Does not include three batteries.

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