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MamaToto Diaper Cover

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For preventing leaks, MamaToto’s Diaper Cover is one-size fitting babies from 4 kg – 15 kg (about 2 months to 3 years) and made from modern waterproof breathable fabric.

  • MamaToto’s Diaper Cover is made from a modern waterproof fabric that allows airflow preventing rashes.
  • Diaper cover will fit a baby from 4 kg – 15 kg (about 2 months to 3 years).
  • Pair the diaper cover with our absorbers.
  • Diaper covers can be reused 2-3 times before laundering.
  • Snug, durable elastic at both the waist and legs for a gentle and secure fit trimmed in 100% cotton.
  • Two rows of easy-to-adjust snaps/poppers, allowing for a proper fit at the legs and the waist. 
  • Three rows of snaps/poppers between the legs to adjust rise of the diaper.

How to use
  • Snap absorber into the diaper cover (two snaps in the middle)
  • Adjust rise on the cover to fit baby (Use 3 rows to snap between baby's leg to shorten the diaper)
  • Lay diaper cover flat with absorber attached. If using a fleece liner (used to catch poo) or booster (used for extra absorbancy) lay inside diaper now.
  • Lay baby on top of diaper 
  • Pull diaper wings to the front and snap at waste

How to Wash
  • Rinse off large poo pieces by shaking off poo, dunking in the toilet with swirl and flush, or spray off poo.
  • Place soiled products in the laundry bag. 
  • Wash Cover and Wet Bag together at low temperature and hang to dry, but not in direct sunlight.

How many Diaper Covers do you need? 

MamaToto recommends purchasing 10 diaper covers and if your baby is an infant (2-6 months) you may need 2-3 more covers. Note you will need less covers than the absorbers because you can use them multiple times until they are soiled.

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