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Birthing Ball with Pump 65cm

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Get the exercise you need as you bounce to help the baby decend while helping your posture

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Birthing Ball with Pump

Before labor, a birthing ball can be used to improve or eliminate backaches that are common during pregnancy. Sitting on a birthing ball while pregnant helps a woman to maintain the proper posture to support her growing asymmetrical body. This posture encouraged by the birthing ball also helps to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, which prevents the occurrence of back problems throughout pregnancy. Sitting on the birthing ball before the child is born also relieves leg cramping and has a calming effect.

Brand: Body sculpture 

Size: 65cm


To inflate your birthing ball you will need a pump that is suitable. A bicycle pump will not be suitable . Also, do not try to inflate your ball by mouth.

Inflating should be done by adults only. Children should not be allowed to inflate the ball as the valve supplied with this product could be swallowed by toddlers

If your pump does not have a valve you may use the one included in the birthing ball. Once the ball is inflated sufficiently, remove the valve and use the white plug to bung the air hole.

Be careful to keep the valve in a safe place for use, and away from children.

For safety reasons do not over inflate your birthing ball, it should be firm to touch but not hard. A simple test is to sit, if it takes your weight adequately, it is correctly inflated. 

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