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Pre-Order FAQ's

How long will the Products take to arrive?

From the date of order, the products will take 3 weeks during normal seasons.


What is the price of the products?

The prices of the items are on the product , full payment is required for the order  to be confirmed.


Is the price inclusive of shipping?

Yes, the price indicated on the product is inclusive of shopping and if the product is over 10,000, it includes delivery.


Can I get the products on payments?

Yes you can, once the payment has been approved by the financing partner,(Aspira or Julla) , the order is confirmed, and 3 weeks from then, your should receive your products.


What happens if they get the product late?

If there is a challenge with shipping, we will keep you informed. We have accounted for some delays in the shipping time, but sometimes challenges occur.


What is the return policy around it ?

On delivery , we will ensure the product is working at your premises. Should there be a problem with the product when you get it, we can either get you a new product, or refund the money on confirmation of the default being on our side.


If you have any other questions, you can call our number on 0798-674-483, write to us on or visit out office in Ngara,Nairobi at Nabro Towers, Suite 301.

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