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No, M&B Rewards is a FREE program designed to help our loyal customers earn rewards.

There are 3 ways to earn rewards.

1. You earn Rewards on every purchase you make. You will earn 1 Reward for each 1 Ksh you spend on products* (Not including amounts you spend on delivery fees). *This excludes furniture, at the moment we are unable to provide Rewards on all furniture purchases. 

2. You earn Rewards for referring your friends. You will earn 500 Rewards for each friend you refer when they make a purchase of 2,000 Ksh and above.

3. You earn Rewards for leaving reviews. A few days after your purchase, you will receive an email asking for a review. Earn 10 Rewards for every review you leave. 

You can redeem your Rewards as discounts in subsequent purchases.

If you have Rewards in your account, there will be an option to redeem them at the top and bottom of your 'Cart Page'. Next to your Subtotal and Check Out Button you will see a drop down written "Select Option To Redeem Rewards" click on it and select the value of redeemable Rewards, it will show you how much you can redeem for that order from the total number of Rewards you have.

There is a maximum amount of points you can redeem per transaction which will be based on the amount of Rewards you have as well as the value of that particular order.

Rewards cannot be used at the same time as a discount code when making a purchase.

You will still earn Rewards on transactions when you are using a discount code.

You can check your Rewards balance by logging in to your account and clicking on Rewards on your account page. 

It will show your Rewards balance as well as a summary of your M&B Rewards activity.

Yes, unused Rewards will expire after Year (12 Months)

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