5 Reasons you NEED a Baby Diaper Subscription in Nairobi 2019

5 Reasons you NEED a Baby Diaper Subscription in Nairobi 2019

What is a Baby Diaper Subscription?
A service that delivers Baby diapers, Baby wipes, Baby formula and other selected essentials to your doorstep in Nairobi for FREE and for 200/- for areas around Nairobi.

Diaper Suubscription image on Mother and Baby Shop Kenya

Reason #1. Delivery is done to your Doorstep (Home or Office)

Delivery is done within the first 5 days of the Month.

Reason #2. You can get Diapers, Wipes, and Oil plus any other items.

Get your monthly diaper, oil, and wipes requirements to be delivered every month without the hassle.

Reason #3. Your Trusted brands of Baby Diapers are available

Brands available are Pampers, Huggies, Snuggles.

Reason #4. Multiple Baby Skincare products are available

The Skin Care products available are Aryuv, Johnsons, Arimis, Dove, Baby Blossom. 

Reason #5. Multiple Baby Formula products are available

5. The Baby formula products available are Liptomil, Cow, and Gate and Nan

What's the Catch?

 There is NO catch, buy Diapers plus any other items and get delivery FREE


What is considered Nairobi? 

Areas within the boundary line of Nairobi County. Anywhere outside is the outskirts of Nairobi.

Where do I sign up?

Fill this form, with Your Name, phone number, email, and location for delivery and someone on our team will get in touch. Sign up Now


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